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Jajoo Hygiene Booster Pad

Jajoo Hygiene Booster pads are meant to fit snugly inside your favourite diaper more importantly, the Booster Pads are designed for high capacity. Covered in a soft non-woven the Booster Pads won't cause friction against your skin. They will fit comfortably inside the standing leg cuffs yet does not take away from the main diaper functions. It also fits well inside adult diapers and is easy to remove.

Our Boosters are designed to help promote healthier skin by adding more absorbency to any diaper brand they're used with. Our booster core is comprised of high percentage of super absorbents. They can absorb 35 times their weight. They have been designed to aid those people that need more capacity out of their existing diaper or extra protection to help prevent there current diaper from leaking.

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